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Lighting for Buildings

Welcome to the Lighting for Buildings site!

This image database is intended to help the interior space design of architectural student. This site is currently under development, please send comments and suggestions using the "Contact" page!

The images are grouped by function and usage and they are to display and analyze realized indoor lighting systems. All images are displayed with relevant credits and with the authorization of the owner, and they are to be used for educational purposes only.

Recommended usage of the image database:

1. Please select any of the functions on the left to display the relevant images on the screen.

2. Four illumination properties are visible a the top of the page. All images are classified with these illumination properties as well as their energy properties. (The classification process is in progress, currently not all images are classified yet, so this function is only partially available at the moment.)

3. Each illumination property-range can be modified with the help of the sliders at the right and at the left. Only the images fulfilling the actual illumination property-range will be displayed on the screen.

4. Click any of the images to enlarge them. Use the right and left arrows on your keyboard to display the next or previous images.